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Your data, more protection, less photos
May 3, 2021


Sharing information and photos with people online is not just a way to communicate and express yourself, but it is also a personal vulnerability.

Protecting your personal data and identity is important. Information like your full name, date of birth, country of birth, and more reveals a lot of information about your identity and when shared online with others, it can cause problems.

A U.S. visa and your passport contains personal data and there are many risks in sharing a photo of the data:

-Identity theft

-Fraudulent imposters

-False information with your photo

Fraudsters use sophisticated tools to change information and can even see information that you think was removed from a photo. They can easily manipulate these details to commit fraud.

The Embassy recommends not posting photos of visa and passport data page on social media or share the photo with anyone.

Have control over your data and protect it. This is key to combat identity theft and fraud. Privacy is important.

To report fraud anonymously, email: fraude@state.gov.