Meet the Dominican participants of the YLAI 2018 Program

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) aims to connect the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators in Western Hemisphere. Since 2016, this exchange program empowers young entrepreneurs with the training, tools, networks and resources they need to transform their societies and contribute to their most complete economic development and prosperity, security and good governance in the region.

This year, 250 young entrepreneurs from 36 Latin-American and Caribbean countries will participate in this program to expand their leadership and business skills through internships in companies and civil society organizations in the United States.

Four Dominican entrepreneurs from Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata will participate in the 2018 YLAI program:

Betty Alvarez is the co-founder of C&A Legal Advisors, a company based in the Dominican Republic that provides low-cost, personalized and discrimination-free legal services, to nationals and foreigners, with special focus on vulnerable populations. She currently works as a lawyer at Oficina de Abogados Lic. Tania Colombo and as a consultant for FHI 360. She’s also served as legal adviser for the Centro de Promoción y Solidaridad Humana (CEPROSH). She has a Master on Contemporary Civil Law and Civil Procedures from Universidad Abierta para Adultos.


Porfirio Baez is the Founder of Green Depot, a company based in the Dominican Republic that aims to make the planet more eco-friendly and eco-conscious. Green Depot strives to be a leading manufacturer of biodegradable and disposable dinnerware, while also creating jobs in rural communities. Porfirio also serves as project analyst for the local city waste management organization.



Luz González is the Founder of Pretty Busy Club, a consultancy for female entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic. Dedicated to empowering female business owners, Pretty Busy Club provides support and guidance on issues commonly faced by female entrepreneurs. Luz is also the CEO of the companies LuzGonzalezH, Fuse Machines, and CoworkingDo. She has worked as a Manager at Aisle Insight and as an Assistant Director at the Centro de Emprendimiento e Innovación del INTEC. She has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo.


Julio César Pérez Quezada is the founder of the La Gente Foundation, which promotes education in remote communities of the Dominican Republic through domestic tourism. One of the main programs of the foundation is “El Macotazo”, which collects school materials in large cities and takes them to remote areas with support of volunteers. Julio participated in the SMART Project with AIESEC in Brazil. He also works with the National Conflict Resolution System (SINAREC) in the Dominican Republic.