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Where should I pay for consular services?
April 4, 2022


The Embassy of the United States of America will never ask for payment through wire or money transfer services (Western Union, Paypal, etc) or attempt to communicate with you about a process through informal means (Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram).

Where should I pay for consular services?

To prevent fraudulent schemes, we remind you of the only authorized points to make payments for our consular services. Below, we detail those which apply to non-immigrant visa services:

1.) Online through https://ustraveldocs.com/do, using a credit or debit card

2.) In-person at Banco Popular (The applicant must present their payment voucher, which they printed from https://ustraveldocs.com/do)

3.) Online banking via an applicant’s account with Banco Popular

–For applicants whose visa requires payment of an additional reciprocity fee, it must be paid in cash or by credit card at the embassy on the day of the applicant’s interview.

For additional guidance on payments visit: : https://ustraveldocs.com/do/do-niv-paymentinfo.asp

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