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When and How to Add a Derivative in your Immigrant Visa Case
June 26, 2023

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Some immigrant visa categories accept derivatives from the principal applicant. The most common cases are F11, F31, F41, F2A (F21, F22) and F2B. Instead, some cases are individual and only can have the principal applicant. Among the individual categories are IR1, IR5 and IR2.

If you want to include a derivative in one of the cases that accept them, the scanned birth certificate must be sent to the National Visa Center, NVC, https://nvc.state.gov/ask, (it says “at NVC” at https://ceac.state.gov/) if the case is there. This should be done as soon as possible.

If your case accepts derivatives and it is at the Embassy (it says “Ready” at https://ceac.state.gov/), and you have not included your children, you can send the scanned birth certificates to support-dominicanrepublic@ustraveldocs.com , as soon as possible, to be able to process them and that they can travel on time.

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