What to do if your LPR card or ‘green card’ is Expired, Lost or Stolen?

Expired Cards:

Residents who have a 10-year Permanent Resident card in their possession may board a U.S.-bound flight even if their card is expired.  They need no additional travel document.  Arrive at the airport 3 to 4 hours before your flight departs, however, to allow your airline time to address the issue.

 A Resident with an expired 2-year Permanent Resident card and an original I-797 Notice of Action extending the expiry date of the card may also board.  Again, check in early for your flight.  If you have only a photocopy of the I-797, you will need a Boarding Foil.

 Lost, Stolen or Mutilated:

 If your Permanent Resident card has been lost or stolen or is mutilated, you will need a Boarding Foil from the U.S. Embassy.   

You can review the process for Legal Permanent Residents to obtain a Boarding Foil by visiting the “Information for Legal Permanent Residents” page at the Embassy website.  Please make sure to read the instructions for the Form I-131A in full before making any payment or scheduling an appointment.  If you have an urgent need to travel, please email SantoDomingoConsBF@state.gov and provide the reason(s) why immediate travel is required, together with evidence of the same, if any.

Many applicants receive inaccurate information from outside sources about the documents they need to board and pay a fee when it is unnecessary.  We encourage you to consult with your airline first and follow up with the Consular Section before paying the $575 Non-refundable fee.

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