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What happens when I’m denied 221g?
August 28, 2023

Graphic of a hand stamping documents

At the end of your immigrant visa interview, some applicants are denied under section 221(G) of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act. This often happens because applicants do not come prepared with all the required documents for their interview. Sometimes it is because the consular officer needs more information. In either case, there’s no reason to worry! We at the U.S. Embassy try to make it easier for you by providing a single sheet that identifies the documents or information you need to provide to continue with the immigrant visa process, along with instructions for how to do so. And most of the time you do not need to make a new appointment! Just drop off the requested documents at the Visa Attention Center in Galeria 360 or at any Mailboxes Etc. branch. Remember to submit all requested documents. If you leave some out, you may be asked for the missing documents before an officer will review your application.
To help avoid being denied 221G and save yourself time, make sure that you come to your immigrant visa interview prepared with all the required documentation. Remember, your application, your responsibility!