Important Information: Temporary Worker Visas – Know Your Rights

  1. Important Information: Temporary Worker Visas – Know Your Rights
  2. Know Your Rights & Report Fraudulent Activity

Step 1 – Be identified by a U.S. company as the subject of an H-2 petition

  • You must be a beneficiary of a petition filed by the U.S. employer. A real job offer must include a contract with the description of the job to be performed and the salary, the name and location of the company along with a request number.  If you find a job offer, you can verify its validity with us by sending an email to  Please pay attention to these recommendations to avoid becoming the victim of a scam.

Step 2 – Review your employment contract and confirm that the request is valid

  • Review the details of your job offer to see what kind of job you were offered and how much you will be paid. You must receive a written employment contract that you understand in your native language.  The contract must contain detailed information about wages, working hours, benefits (including transportation, housing, and meals or cooking facilities), and any deductions from your paycheck.  Remember that you are entitled to receive a fair wage.  A job offer without such details can be a sign of fraud.  H-2 visas are petition-based visas, which means that the employer in the United States must first file a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services before scheduling appointments for workers.  You can verify the legitimacy of the petition by sending an email to

Step 3 – Apply for your H-2 visa with the U.S. Embassy

  • It is necessary for the Embassy to have all your information to begin your application process.
  • First, create a user profile by clicking this link; then click on “Create Account.” Complete the required information fields and create a password.
  • Second, complete the DS-160 application form. It is important to tell the truth in your request.  If applicable, you must list previous arrests regardless of the outcome along with the length of previous stays in the United States.  These activities do not necessarily disqualify you from the H-2 visa program.  Even if someone assists you to complete the form, ultimately it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all the information contained in the application is complete and correct.
  • Third, make the visa fee payment. Please remember to keep the payment confirmation number to complete the process.
  • Fourth, before you can request a visa appointment, you will be requested to upload your job contact and approved petition (Form I-797) from your employer.
  • Fifth, once your documents are reviewed, you can log into your profile and click on the “Schedule Appointment” option located on the right side of the screen. There will be two appointments: one at the Visa Application Center, and the second at the Embassy.  Have the following information on hand: passport number used to fill out form DS-160, confirmation number of your consular fee payment, and the 10-digit bar code of your DS-160 application form.  In our system, you can enter your personal information, select your visa type, and select where to pick up your documents after your interview.

Step 4 – Attend Appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

  • At your scheduled appointment, go to the Visa Application Center to have your biometric information, including fingerprints and digital photograph, registered.
  • You should present the following at the VAC:
    • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person applying for a visa must submit an application.
    • Your DS-160 confirmation page
    • Your appointment confirmation page
  • Additional information about the VAC can be found here.

Step 5 – Attend your interview at the U.S. Embassy.

  • During your interview at the Embassy, it is important to tell the truth during your interview. You should mention any previous arrests regardless of the outcome, the length of previous stays in the United States, and how you were recruited.  These activities do not necessarily disqualify you from the H-2 visa program.  However, concealing information including prior unlawful presence or arrests could result in visa denial and may result in permanent visa ineligibility.

Step 6 – Retrieve your passport and visa. Travel. Abide by visa terms.

If your visa is approved, your passport with visa will be available for pickup at the specified location.  You can travel and apply for admission to the U.S. port of entry as an H-2 worker.  Always ensure that you abide by the terms of your visa and be in touch with your employer.  It is important that you return to the Dominican Republic before your “Admit Until Date” provided to you by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the airport.

  • If you are not sure when you need to depart, you can confirm the date with CBP here.

Important Information: Temporary Worker Visas – Know Your Rights

It is very important that participants in this program abide by the terms of their visas and return to the Dominican Republic at the conclusion of their work.  Overstaying a visa and remaining in the United States out of status can have severe consequences.  No one should ever be asked to pay a fee to be included within a petition to work in the United States – there are many scams geared toward taking advantage of unsuspecting or misinformed people.

It is important that participants return to the Dominican Republic before their “Admit Until Date” provided by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the airport.

If participants do not know when they need to return, it can be found electronically here.