H-2 Visa Program

Under the H-2 visa program, applicants can legally work temporarily in the United States in agriculture, construction, forestry, landscaping, hospitality, and many other types of industries.  The H-2A visa is for temporary agricultural work while the H-2B visa is for temporary or seasonal non-agricultural work.

It is very important that participants in this program abide by the terms of their visas and return to the Dominican Republic at the conclusion of their work.  Overstaying your visa and remaining in the United States can have severe consequences.  You should never pay someone to be included within a petition to work in the United States, and you should be aware of possible scams.  The steps featured below will provide you with information about how the H-2 petition process works.

If something is suspicious, do not hesitate to contact the U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo at fraude@state.gov.