Immigrant Visas

The Immigrant Visa Unit is interviewing all categories of immigrant visas at this time.  Additionally, the Immigrant Visa Unit offers limited services to Lawful Permanent Residents.

Applicants are responsible for monitoring the email addresses they have provided to NVC and/or the Immigrant Visa Unit for updates and scheduling purposes.  Applicants who fail to attend their scheduled interview should expect extended delays before an interview can be rescheduled.

Immigrant visa applicants seeking an emergency appointment can submit a request as follows:

If your immigrant visa petition is currently at the National Visa Center (NVC), you must submit your request, together with supporting documentation, directly to NVC for consideration.

If you have received notification from the National Visa Center that your petition has been transferred to the Immigrant Visa Unit, or you have previously interviewed at the Embassy and were refused, please contact us, summarizing the nature of your emergency and providing supporting documentation.

Immigrant Visas