US Embassy and Dominican Government Begin the Annual Bilateral Military Humanitarian Exercise “Beyond the Horizons 2014”

Barahona, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC –  The Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and medical professionals from the United States will begin the annual bilateral military humanitarian exercise “Beyond the Horizons 2014,” providing free general and specialized medical services, as well as engineering projects, to benefit the residents of the Province of Barahona on April 7, 2014.

Also, alone with  NGOs and Dominican American school, supplies, medical supplies and furnishings worth $ 4 million will be donated for schools and clinics.

In cooperation with the Government of the Dominican Republic, U.S. service members, representing the U.S. Army and Air Force, as well as medical and engineering professionals from  Canada, Chile, and Colombia, will begin arriving in the Dominican Republic on March 15, 2014.   Along with personnel, there will be the arrival of equipment, medical and construction materials.  Participants in the 2014 bilateral humanitarian exercise will be in Barahona Province from April 7 to June 14, 2014.

Along with medical care, U.S. Army units, in cooperation with the Government of the Dominican Republic, have coordinated for the completion of various engineering projects throughout Barahona province.  U.S. Army and Air Force engineers will construct new health clinics at Invicea Villa Central, Palo Alto, and Hospital Vicente Noble, as well as new classrooms for the schools at La Guazara and Pescaderia.