US Consulate Introduces Online Non-Immigrant Visa Appointment System

The Embassy of the United States is pleased to announce that, starting next Thursday, September 8, a new system for scheduling nonimmigrant visa appointments or (tourist visas) through the internet, will come into effect.  Henceforth, applicants can schedule their appointments through the internet and won’t necessarily have to purchase a pin from Banco Popular and schedule their appointment by phone.

The cost to schedule the appointment will also be cheaper.  The principal objective of this new system is to offer a better service which will be available worldwide, 24 hours a day.  For a $10.00 fee which is $6.00 dollars less than the phone service, applicants may reserve appointments for up to a maximum of five people per family.  In order to access this system, those interested can visit the website at

Users will only access this new system after paying the fee at Banco Popular which gives them the right to the appointment, and also completing the visa application form (DS-160).  Once you enter the appointment system’s website, you will be able to make the $10.00 payment by using a local or international Visa or Mastercard. Then, you may choose an appointment date in the consular section through the same system.

After making the payment and receiving the access number, applicants may be able to access the site by using their passport number, date of birth and nationality.  The internet will offer different options to choose from.  This service will allow you to set your appointment according to your travel plans. You may select a date and change it twice with the same access number.

The access number expires one workday after your appointment date.  However, if the appointment date was not scheduled or was canceled, then the access number will expire within 90 days from the date it was purchased.  The cost of the access number is nonrefundable and in case of loss, the applicant must purchase a new one.

This new system is designed to offer a better service and facilitate the application process.

Appointments by phone will still be available. Applicants who wish to continue using the old system by acquiring a PIN at any branch of Banco Popular and then calling the  Visa Information Center to schedule their appointment, may also do so. While those with a medical emergency, or those required to attend the funeral of a relative, should set an appointment with a PIN by calling the Information Center.