US Ambassador Leads High Level Dominican Energy Delegation

Santo Domingo – U.S. Ambassador, James Brewster will lead a high level Dominican energy delegation to Washington, D.C. for meetings at the State Department August 11- 12.  The designated US Deputy Chief of Mission, Patrick Dunn, who currently works in the State Department Energy Resources Bureau, will also participate in these high level discussions.  The meetings are a follow up to Vice President Biden’s trip to the Dominican Republic and will focus on the Dominican energy sector and ways the two countries can cooperate to promote greater energy security.  The discussion will focus on the diversification of the energy matrix and approaches to energy sector transformation.

The United States government remains committed to working closely with the Dominican government to support their development of solutions to transform the energy sector.  Vice President Biden announced the new Caribbean Energy Security Initiative during his recent visit to the Dominican Republic.  Recognizing that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for Caribbean nations, the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative consists of a portfolio of activities designed to provide different technical options for assisting in the transformation of the Caribbean’s electricity sector.  The Dominican Republic can also take advantage of an expedited, less bureaucratic process to import clean U.S. natural gas because of its membership in DR-CAFTA, an added benefit of being a free trade agreement partner.