Remarks by Mr. Patrick Dunn, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., During Delivery of Vehicles to the Ministry of Defense

Remarks by Mr. Patrick Dunn
Chargé d’Affaires, a.i.
United States Embassy in Santo Domingo
Delivery of Vehicles to the Ministry of Defense
Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Dear General Lieutenant General Ruben Dario Paulino Sem, Minister of Defense, admirals, generals and officers, representatives of the diplomatic corps, senior officers and subordinates, all guests – I thank you for the opportunity to be here today with all of you as we celebrate not only the donation of these vehicles, but the deep cooperation between our forces in combating regional threats in order to improve the safety of all our citizens.

These fifteen vehicles have a value of nearly one million US dollars, but their true value is the capacity they will provide to the Dominican armed forces. Commanders of the Dominican Republic Army and Navy Infantry of the Dominican Republic will use these vehicles to support interdiction operations, ground patrol, and support to civilian authorities. This capacity will allow them to go even further in the pursuit of national security, and this is clearly a testament to the close cooperation between the two countries.

It should be noted that this donation is only one piece in the greatest mosaic of cooperation and collaboration ever present among our forces. In recent years we have donated materials such as interceptor boats, night vision, support materials for the San Isidro air base and much more. We have worked together to build new facilities and detachments. We have trained closely together with the intention of improving our capacities to fight against transnational crime and also to respond to natural disasters.

The threats posed by transnational organized crime cover a wide range, and the results of a natural disaster can be terrible and long-lasting. The assets and infrastructures provided through technical assistance programs, such as the donation today, represent a tangible and shared commitment among our nations to work together, promote regional security and stability.

Although this donation may be a tangible and visible indicator of our joint efforts, it should be remembered that the most important components are the Dominican soldiers and sailors, who are responsible for facing daily all regional threats at sea and on land. To them, I want to say “thank you!” Likewise, I want to thank you all once again for the opportunity to be here and celebrate this donation and our cooperation in so many important activities!