United States Ambassador Brewster Holds Final Courtesy Call With Foreign Minister Vargas

Santo Domingo, D.N.–  The United States Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, James W. Brewster, and his spouse, Bob Satawake, held their final courtesy call with Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  They discussed a host of issues pertinent to the maintenance of our strong bilateral relationship including the shared fight against corruption; work on human rights, bolstering our strong trade relationship, and efforts to strengthen cross border cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Ambassador Brewster thanked Foreign Minister Vargas for his strong cooperation in finalizing recent agreements on extradition and the Department of Homeland Security pre-clearance facility in Punta Cana.  Ambassador Brewster said, “we believe these two critical agreements will go a long way in both bringing money launderers and narco-traffickers to justice through mutual extradition and boosting the Dominican economy through increased tourism.”

Ambassador Brewster and Mr. Satawake pledged their ongoing partnership and engagement with the people of the Dominican Republic on issues of mutual concern and expressed their confidence in the staff of the U.S. Mission and the Foreign Ministry to carry our important cooperation forward.