U.S. Embassy Makes Donation to DNCD, CESFRONT and 911 Program

The donation includes canine service dogs and vehicles to support the Dominican Republic’s efforts to improve citizen security

Bonao, Dominican Republic–   At a handover ceremony held this morning at the National Canine Academy in Bonao, the U.S. Embassy reaffirmed its commitment to supporting citizen security efforts with a donation of 40 service canines and transport vehicles to the National Counterdrug Directorate (DNCD), the Specialized Border Security Corps (CESFRONT) and the 911 program. The donation will help strengthen the institutions’ counter-narcotics, border control, and citizen security efforts.

During the ceremony, U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo’s Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Patrick M. Dunn. reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to working with Dominican partners to enhance citizen security. Chargé Dunn congratulated the National Canine Academy on its success in becoming the Dominican Republic’s premier canine training center with regional training capabilities.

The donation included seven vehicles to transport the dogs, bringing the total value to approximately US$400,000.  The U.S. Embassy is also finalizing the donation of eight additional vehicles to assist CESFRONT, the 911 program, and the National Model Prison program.

The DNCD President, Vice Admiral Edmundo Félix Pimentel and CESFRONT commander, Brigadier General Sugar Puttzi Frugis Martinez, received the donation on behalf of the institutions.