U.S. Embassy Informs of USAID Bogus Press Release

Neither the United States Embassy nor the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) issued a press release last Friday concerning its view of an educational institution in the province of San Cristóbal.  Several news outlets published stories based on a bogus press release on this subject.  In this regard, USAID confirms that it did not undertake any building inspection of this facility.

USAID has a long-standing and productive relationship with the Ministry of Education along with the education sector in general. The United States supports the Ministry of Education with the aim of strengthening the quality of basic education, including for more vulnerable populations.

Access to quality education is of vital importance for the reduction of disparities in salary and to create opportunities of employment that will make the Dominican Republic more competitive. Furthermore, through the programs of USAID the United States supports efforts identified by Dominicans.

The United States reiterates its commitment to work with all actors involved in strengthening the education in the Dominican Republic.