U.S. Donates Patrol Boat to the Dominican Navy

The donation is valued at more than $800,000.

The United States Ambassador, James Brewster, attended the ceremony held on Friday September 30th at the Dominican Navy base “27 de Febrero” to commemorate the donation of a 37 foot Boston Whaler Interceptor Patrol Boat and a package of spare parts from United States’ taxpayers to the Dominican Navy. The donation is valued at more than $800,000.  The ceremony was attended by the Chief of the Dominican Navy, Vice Admiral Peña Acosta.   The boat was donated as part of a program of bilateral cooperation between the Dominican Armed Forces and US Southern Command.  The program provides equipment and infrastructure assistance to the Dominican Military to support the development of capable and sustainable forces – with a focus on combatting Transnational Organized Crime and promoting regional security.

Ambassador Brewster highlighted the success of the program, noting that “The success of this program is a true testament to our commitment to work together to promote the rule of law and the safety of all of our citizens”. The Ambassador also noted that the cooperation between the two nations includes far more than boats and focuses on the development of interoperability between the Dominican Navy, DNCD, the U.S. Coast Guard District Seven, the Joint Interagency Task Force South, and United States Southern Command.

The 37’ Boston Whaler is the twelfth boat donated under the program which also includes trucks and support equipment and the construction of facilities such as the Dominican Navy’s Operations Center on Isla Saona.  The Patrol Boat will act as a maritime interdiction asset enhancing the Dominican Navy’s capability to conduct a wide variety of maritime law enforcement missions and improving interoperability with the DNCD.  The eleven previously donated boats are deployed in diverse locations such as Cabo Rojo, Barahona, Las Calderas, and Punta Cana – amongst others across the nation.  The Patrol Boats respond not only to suspected cases of drug trafficking, but also to search and rescue efforts, illegal migrant voyages, and to provide aid to fisherman.

The Chief of the Dominican Navy received the boat on behalf of the Dominican people and thanked the U.S. for the donation, highlighting the capacities the Patrol Boat brings to the Dominican Navy.