Citizenship Services

Adult Citizenship – Acquisition

This page is intended for adults (over 18 years of age) wishing to make a claim of United States citizenship. If the claim of citizenship is for a child under the age of 18 the attached information is NOT INTENDED for them; in such case, please follow the link named “Consular Report of Birth Abroad“.

Persons born abroad (out of United States territory) to U.S. citizen parent/s may have acquired U.S. citizenship at birth. This determination is based upon a variety of factors: the laws in effect at the time of birth, the amount of time the U.S. citizen parent/s have lived in the U.S. prior to the birth, and, in some cases, the marital status of the biological parents.

Complete the required forms and gather all required documentation and send an email to to request an appointment.

NOTE: Multiple appointments – those made for the same individual but on different days – will be cancelled. They will not be rescheduled. You will then have to make a new appointment through the online scheduling system. The embassy will not consider a request to expedite a new appointment if your original one was cancelled for this reason. 

Applying for the adult citizenship acquisition requires ONLY ONE VISIT to the Consular Section, if you are fully prepared.