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U.S. and Dominican Republic to face shared threats in cyberspace
July 23, 2022


Both countries issued a joint statement on cyber policy during a Digital Agenda 2030 implementation training.


Santo Domingo, D.N.-  The United States and Dominican Republic issued a joint statement in which they pledged to cooperate to address shared cyberspace threats.

The statement, issued after a cyber capacity building meeting for the implementation of the 2030 Digital Agenda for the Dominican Republic, reaffirmed their support for an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet.

Furthermore, they expressed their intention to work together in promoting compliance with international cybersecurity standards and best practices in this area for effective results based on transparency, accountability and information sharing.

They also pledged to continue to support ongoing regional efforts within the Organization of American States (OAS) to build regional capacity in this field and promote cyberspace security, stability and prosperity.

Under the partnership, the United States will support the Dominican Republic’s efforts to expand its cyber incident response capabilities across government agencies, improve processes for cyber policy development and interagency coordination, as well as increase awareness of cybersecurity as a national security, economic, and foreign policy strategy.

Both countries highlighted UN efforts to uphold the framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace, which affirms the applicability of international law to behavior in cyberspace and the development and implementation of practical confidence-building measures to help reduce the risk of conflict arising from cyber incidents.

The training for the implementation of the 2030 Digital Agenda was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo and was attended by key decision-makers from the cyber policy and critical infrastructure sectors of the Dominican Government.

U.S. – Dominican Republic Joint Statement on Cyber Policy 30 KB