U.S. Southern Command donates two field hospitals to support COVID-19 response in Dominican Republic

  • The U.S. Southern Command donation of two (2) field hospitals which includes ventilators, are worth $950,000 and donated as part of the U.S. Southern Command’s enduring promise to nations responding to the global pandemic in Central America, South America and the Caribbean and funded by the command’s Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP).
  • Each hospital will also receive four (4) ventilators each for a total of eight (8) valued at $200,000.  
  • Each field hospital can house up to 40 patient beds.
  • The two hospitals are donated to the Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias (COE) and increase the COE and the Dominican Government’s ability to rapidly deploy medical staff and equipment, to care for those in need of assistance during disaster relief operations or a health crisis.  
  • With the ever-relentless COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, these mobile hospitals will also provide the Dominican government with increased capacity to remotely test, screen, and contain symptomatic patients.  
  • A team of civilian trainers will instruct staffs assuming the operation of the transportable hospitals on their assembly, set up, use, disassembly, transportation and storage.
  • The field hospitals are among the donations funded in the second phase of U.S. Southern Command assistance to the region, which is focused on supporting the region’s long-term preparedness and prevention efforts.
  • U.S. Southern Command’s Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) helps partner nations build their disaster readiness, response and mitigation capabilities. The program funds infrastructure, equipment and training to help nations prepare before disasters and crises strike, but also supports countries who request assistance from the U.S. government when they experience health and weather-related emergencies.
  • In total, U.S. Southern Command will donate twenty-four field hospitals to 11 countries in the region in the coming weeks.

Factsheet on Two Field hospitals donation [Spanish] (PDF, 3MB)