The U.S. Embassy and Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano will celebrate Election Night 2020 virtual event

Santo Domingo, N.D.- The U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic and Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano (ICDA) will host the Election Night 2020 virtual event on Tuesday, November 3, with the aim of highlighting the democratic and cultural values of the United States.

U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Robin S. Bernstein, said, “We will virtually celebrate U.S. democracy and the enshrined right to vote. Over 150 million Americans will vote for the president of the United States, 435 members of the House of Representatives, 35 senators, 11 state governors and over 5,000 state legislative seats”. 

The event, which will last for three hours, will include the participation of former scholars from some of the programs directed by the U.S. Embassy in the country, performances representing the different musical genres characteristic of American culture and historical reports related to the evolution of the voting process. The evenings host will be renowned journalist Amelia Deschamps.

Furthermore, we will explain how the U.S. electoral process works and provide real-time information on the elections and details of the results available. In addition, we will present the different cultural and educational programs that the U.S. Government is developing in the Dominican Republic. 

Organizing institutions invite the audience to share their impressions and comments in social media using the tag #NochedeEleccionesUSAenRD and thus participate in the activity that will promote the ongoing ties between both nations. 

Political, social and economic developments in the United States attract a great deal of attention in the Dominican Republic, as it is estimated that around two million Dominicans live in the United States, in addition to being the country’s most important trading partner. This is why celebrating the electoral process with the Dominican people is so important.

Historically, U.S. presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday in November, a day when not only the president and various federal and state leaders are elected, but also the democratic values of American society are celebrated. The winner of the election is sworn in on January the 20th of the following year. 


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