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The Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (Fulbright TEA)
February 12, 2021

Program Overview

The Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (Fulbright TEA) Program will bring international secondary-level teachers to the United States for a six-week program to participate in academic seminars for professional development at a host university and to observe and share their expertise with teachers and students at the host university and at local secondary schools.


  1. Take part in tailored graduate-level seminars at a U.S. host university
  2. Observe classes, co-teach, and share their expertise with U.S. colleagues in U.S. secondary schools
  3. Engage in an online professional learning community with other participants to share best practices and other elements of host and home country educational systems
  4. Take part in other educational and cultural activities while on program in the United States

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Current secondary-level, full-time teachers of English, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), math, science, or social studies including special education teachers in those subjects at institutions
  • Serving primarily a local population
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Minimum of three years of experience of full-time teaching, with a preference for those who have completed at least five years of full-time teaching
  • Demonstrated oral and written English language proficiency
  • Citizen and resident of the Dominican Republic

*Apply between February 13 and March 30, 2023. Applicants will be notified whether they will progress to the next application phase after March 30, 2023.

What the program covers:

Travel: Teachers will receive an international airline ticket and a travel allowance to cover the cost of checked bags and incidental expenses for travel to their program.

Housing: Participants live on campus or close to campus in individual dorms or bedrooms as designated by the university.  Dependents cannot accompany teachers during the program.

Maintenance Allowance: Each Fulbright teacher will receive a maintenance allowance during the program to cover expenses such as supplies for classes, household items, personal items, and cultural and other activities.

To apply, go to: https://fulbright.irex.org/