Soliciting a U.S. Tourism Visa as a Third Country National

February 22nd, 2016.-

The process to apply for a visa in the Dominican Republic is the same for everyone regardless of whether they are Dominican or citizens of another country. If you are in the Dominican Republic, you are welcome to apply at the Embassy in Santo Domingo.  Obviously residents of the Dominican Republic may apply, but even if you are on vacation or temporarily working or studying in the Dominican Republic  you can submit your application here. The most important part of the interview is demonstrating to the officer that you will travel to the United States, use your visa well and then return to your country of residence (wherever that may be).

The qualifications for third country nationals are based on the same criteria we use to evaluate Dominicans. Applicants should be prepared to explain the length and purpose of their trip, and demonstrate social and economic ties to either the Dominican Republic or their country of residence.  Some of this may be shown through documents, but much of it is based on the responses to the officer’s questions. Applicants should be sure to answer those questions comprehensively so that the officer can best understand each individual’s situation.  Citizens from other countries should understand, of course, that there may be more questions regarding their economic and social situation and why they are not applying in their home country.  Logistical steps to completing an online application are outlined on our consular section main website:

If you are in the Dominican Republic for only a short period, it is important to keep in mind that there are processing times after the interview in order for the visa to be printed and delivered, which usually require about one week for applicants in Santo Domingo and a few days longer for applicants outside of the capital.

If readers have questions or concerns they may contact the visa help line at 829-956-5144 in the Dominican Republic, or 1-703-988-3410 in the United States.