SAFE: Together for the love of youth and sports

A baseball with a health sign







– Age appropriate development
– No performance enhancing drugs
– Access to nutritional food
– All medical treatments or supplements are explained and authorized
– Proper medical care for injuries

A lifebuoy and swimming glasses








– Parents and athletes are informed about options and chances for success
– Local law and policy is enforced to protect young players

A basketball on top of two books








– Basic education provided at every level
– Ongoing health and nutrition education
– Basic financial education (contracts, salary, investment)

A soccer ball with a student merit symbol








– Prepared for life if they don’t become professional athletes
– Understand contracts

– The overall goal is to protect and ensure the future of both young athletes and sports in the DR and beyond.
Education is the key at every level. A combination of educating parents and young athletes, developing sports programs, and ensuring all athletes achieve a basic level of attainment is essential to help them succeed.
– Young athletes must not be forced to develop skills they are not prepared for physically, and must be informed, active partners in their physical training and wellbeing.
– Existing Dominican regulations and laws must be enforced, with policies in place to encourage parents, youth, scouts and coaches to protect athletes at every level.
Success will demand that those who do not become professional athletes are prepared for life, and that those who do are prepared to manage their affairs. Many will need protection from predatory scouts, coaches and others.