Requesting expedited IV interview

If you would like to accelerate your immigrant visa (IV) interview due to emergency circumstances, you may request an expedited appointment.  First, please check, and under “Immigrant Visa,” click, “Check My Visa Application Status,” and enter your case number and the verification code.  If your case is still at the National Visa Center, please write them directly via their Public Inquiry Form.  If your case is at Embassy Santo Domingo (listed as “ready”), please complete Embassy Santo Domingo’s Immigrant Visa Contact Form (in English or Spanish).

Please note that “emergency” is defined as follows: life or death situations, a minor child stranded, and members of the same family not interviewing together.  Evidence of such situations is required.  If you submit a request that does not fit these criteria, it will be denied.  If your request is approved, Embassy Santo Domingo will contact you with more information. (PUBLIC INQUIRY FORM LINK) (CONTACT FORM LINK)

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