U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo Launches Button to Report IP Theft

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo is launching the “Report IP Theft Button.” This is a streamlined method to report intellect property theft.  The button leads users to a report form, which, once completed, is submitted to the U.S. National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center for review and possible follow up action.

Reporting intellectual property crimes is important to protect consumer safety and to stimulate Dominican and U.S. economic growth.  All too often, counterfeit  medicines, batteries, electronic devices, or auto parts injure, maim, or kill innocent consumers.  Moreover, the protection of intellectual property rights is key to creating and sustaining economic growth.  There is a strong correlation between economic competitiveness and strong intellectual property protections.  Right now, the DR and Latin America lag behind their global peers.  It takes citizen engagement to change that.  Innovation and creative endeavors are indispensable elements that drive economic growth and are not possible without patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  These protections establish ownership rights to the creations, inventions, and brands, which generate tangible economic benefits to their owner.

This year’s theme for World Intellectual Property Day is “Women in Innovation and Creativity.”  Maintaining high standards for intellectual property enforcement spurs innovation and encourages women to pursue their passion in entrepreneurship and cultivate a more gender friendly business environment.

Please join in maintaining high intellectual property standards and report IP theft!!!