Questions regarding Immigrant visa appointments

How long will it take to get an appointment?

We do not have an exact timeline as every case is different. We are attempting to schedule as many interviews as we can while following Dominican, CDC, and State department guidelines on proper precautions and COVID-19 safety measures. We understand the frustration of applicants who have been waiting a year or longer for an interview, but due to the high volume of immigrant visa petitions filed for Dominicans, the closure of routine visa services for the past year, and our limited ability to schedule applicants while following public health guidelines, applicants should continue to expect significant delays in obtaining an appointment. It is important to note that those who fail to attend their scheduled interview should expect extended delays before an interview can be rescheduled.

Will I need to submit any updated documentation?

It depends. Applicants who completed a medical exam last year but had their interviews canceled will have to repeat any medical exams that have expired. A new “certificado de no antecedentes penales” will be required for applicants 18 years of age and older, if the original was issued over a year ago or if the applicant recently turned 18 years old.

We know this has been a difficult year and we appreciate your patience as we resume limited immigrant visa operations. Please continue to follow us on social media @EmbajadaUSAenRD for updates visit our website at for more information.