Op-Ed: “The Movement Continues: Dr. King’s Lasting Legacy”, January 19, 2015

Dr. Martin Luther King experienced many visions and premonitions over the course of his short but extraordinarily significant life.  The struggle for racial equality continues today but the hurdles that Dr. King overcame during the time he led our nation through discourse built the foundation for the progress we make today.  These tensions though they remain throughout society have a basis for resolution as a result of Dr. King’s teachings and perseverance.  The era known as the Civil Rights Movement continues in our culture and society and governments.  We continue to fight for legislation that legally provides equality for all our citizens and we must sustain the path forward until we can look ourselves in the mirror and answer yes to the question, “have I done all I can do?”

Dr. King led a generation of not only Americans but the world through a time when so many in our society felt it acceptable to judge another human being as inferior because of the color of their skin.  As a result of Dr. King’s teachings we realize it is not for us to judge each other for we were not endowed with the resolution of judgment of another human being.  However, Dr. King was judged by so many during his life and ultimately his life was ended by an assassin’s judgment, but the reality is he will live forever.  His words and teachings are referred to daily and his ability to communicate across all barriers taught the world to never give into critics and hostility.

Today and for every moment in time forward we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.  We celebrate that the world is a better place as a result of his work and his love for his fellow man.  We celebrate that we have a foundation on which to continue the work he started and we celebrate as the critics do all they can to turn back the progress of time.  In Washington, D.C. we have memorialized Dr. King on the National Mall with a monument to remind the many generations that follow of the significance of how one person can change the course of life for the entire world.  The teachings of Dr. King are highlighted and the monument stands tall in the face of inequality, discrimination and marginalization throughout our land and throughout the world.  We are forever reminded through the spoken word of Dr. King; “Among the moral imperatives of our time, we are challenged to work all over the world with unshakable determination to wipe out the last vestiges of racism, it is no mere American phenomenon. Its vicious grasp knows no national boundaries.”  This is our work moving forward, our mission and through the celebration of an extraordinary life lived we will continue the path of Dr. King forward.