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Location of U.S. Consular Agencies in the Dominican Republic
April 11, 2022


The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo operates Consular Agencies in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.  The U.S. Consular Agencies provide U.S. Citizen-focused services, which include emergency assistance, acceptance of applications for non-emergency U.S. passports, and notarial services for U.S. citizens residing in or visiting the northern and eastern coasts of the Dominican Republic.  Having Consular Agencies allows the Embassy to offer more effective emergency assistance to our citizens in these regions and minimizes the hassle for U.S. citizens applying for passports who would otherwise have to travel in person to the U.S. Embassy to submit their applications.  The Consular Agencies do not provide visa services.

The Consular Agency in Punta Cana is located at Palma Real Shopping Village, Business Center, Bávaro, La Altagracia Province.  The Consular Agency in Puerto Plata is located at Plaza El Doral, Carretera Luperon KM 3 ½, Puerto Plata Province.

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