Joint Statement by Dominican Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Roberto Alvarez and U.S. Under Secretary of State, Mr. Keith Krach


The Dominican Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Roberto Alvarez, and the United States’ Under Secretary of State, Mr. Keith Krach, agreed on the importance of securing telecommunications infrastructure and guaranteeing secure technology supply chains based on reliable, internationally accepted digital technology standards.

They also expressed their commitment to safeguard the National Security of both countries by excluding 5G equipment suppliers that are considered of high risk.

Foreign Minister Alvarez stated: “It is critical that the data traveling through the Dominican Republic’s 5G infrastructure remain secure. The Clean Network provides countries and companies with a reliable base to guarantee the safety and security of their most sensitive information.

The Dominican Republic is proud to be a member of the Clean Network” and joins over 50 Clean Countries, 170 Clean Telecommunication Companies and numerous global High Tech companies that are part of the Clean Network.

Under Secretary of State Krach added: “The Dominican Republic’s participation in the Clean Network paves the way for the expansion of U.S. private sector investment and strengthens mutual guarantees for like-minded partners in the region and around the world.

Under Secretary of State Krach and Foreign Minister Alvarez further highlighted the critical importance of ensuring a partnership between the Dominican Republic and the United States based on transparency, reciprocity, respect for sovereignty and the rule of law. These principles underpin the relationship between the two countries and will serve as a reliable guide in the vital area of 5G security.