Ask the Consul – What to do after you have your IV Appointment Letter?

Congratulations on reaching this stage in the process where you are invited to prepare your Immigrant Visa (IV) application package and come to the U.S. Embassy for your visa interview. This column will provide answers to many questions you may now have.

It is important that you understand the requirements for each part of the application process. Overall, there are four important steps to follow: 1) Complete the DS-260 application form, 2) have your mandatory medical examination, 3) create your profile and schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC), and 4) arrive at the U.S. Embassy prepared for your interview.

For Step 1 go online to to complete the DS-260 form. The data on your DS-260 should match what is on your passport. Please answer all questions included on the form. After that, print out the confirmation page. For Step 2, attend a medical examination with one of the authorized Panel Physician offices.  Their websites are: and Attend your medical examination at least several weeks before your interview date.

For Step 3 create your IV applicant profile and schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC) in Santo Domingo. You can do both of these activities online at  While online, you can select a place for delivery of your visa packet after your visa interview. At the VAC, officials will take your fingerprints and photo and verify your application information. Your VAC appointment should occur 10 days prior to your expected interview date.

For Step 4, show up at the Embassy no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time. There are several required documents to bring, including your passport, DS-260 confirmation sheet, medical examination results, police certificate for applicants 18 or older, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), certificate of divorce or death of a spouse (if applicable), affidavit of economic support, and any applicable court or police documents. By following these guidelines you should move smoothly through the IV application and interview process.