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I applied for an interview waiver, but I was called in for an interview. What happened?
Ask the Consul
December 11, 2023

In some cases, applicants who are otherwise eligible for interview waiver will receive a notice requesting that they come in for an interview.

If this happens to you, do not be alarmed; this generally just means the consular officer needs more information about your application. If you are renewing, you should bring your current passport and all previous passports to the interview, as well as any documents requested in the interview notice. 

If you are a parent applying for your child and receive a notice requesting an interview, you should bring all current and prior passports for you and your child. If the child is under 14, they do not need to come to the interview. If they are 14 or older, they will need to be present to have their fingerprints captured. 

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