How to respond during an interview

October 24, 2016

Applicants should always come prepared for their visa interviews. Although each interview is different, there are certain topics the officer will always touch upon. For example, the consul will generally always ask the applicant questions about their job, their living situation, and their purpose of travel.

The objective of the interview is to create a complete picture of the applicant’s life here in the Dominican Republic. As such, applicants should focus on including important details in their answers. Consuls have found that applicants are often too specific when it comes to unnecessary details and not specific enough in terms of pertinent information. For example, when it comes to your job, it is best to be specific about where you work and what your job responsibilities are.

Please avoid ambiguous language such as “comerciante” or “negociante” when asked about your job title. Furthermore, when asked about your occupation, do not simply respond “I work”.  If you own a business, explain to the Consular Officer what type of business it is, what type of services you provide or the products you sell. In contrast, it would be beneficial to avoid unnecessary details about your trip to the United States. For example, it is generally not necessary to give the full name or complete address of the person you will be staying with. More important details would include the relationship between the applicant and the person they are visiting, and simply a city name would suffice in terms of the location.

These are just a few suggestions to make your interview a pleasant experience.

These are the Dos and Dont’s for the interview:


  • Tell the truth.
  • Check your application for accuracy.
  • Be aware that the purpose of the interview is for the officer to get a clear picture of your life situation including your work, family and social ties.
  • Answer the officer’s questions fully.
  • Explain what you do for a living when asked (don’t respond with a 1 word answer).


  • Don’t lie or bring in fraudulent documents. If we suspect you are lying, your visa will be denied. If we catch you lying the consequences could be worse.
  • Don’t inflate your bank account. If you are going to bring in a bank statement, be honest about it. Do not ask others to deposit large amounts into your account.
  • Don’t arrive unprepared. You’ll be asked questions about yourself, your work, your family and your travel. Be prepared to answer them.