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How to confirm status of IV case
December 19, 2022

The Consular Section has different channels to provide the status of an immigrant visa case. The main and fastest channel is our Consular Electronic Application Center platform.

In that site, you select Check My Visa Application Status under Immigrant and then insert the case number that begins with three letters (usually SDO) followed by 10 digits. Finally, you must insert the verification code.

Some statuses are:

Case at NVC: the case has not arrived at the Embassy. All communications must be directed to the NVC via https://nvc.state.gov/ask.

Ready: the case is at the Embassy and available for interview. This will depend on other factors, such as priority dates, Child Status Protection Act, etc.

Refused: the case may be under administrative process or pending a waiver, or permanently rejected. Any of those options are informed in time.

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