H2B Program

This time we will be talking about H-2 visas for temporary agricultural and non-agricultural workers.  It is important to remember that an H-2 visa allows you to work exclusively with the company, position, and timeframe established in your employment contract.  It is your responsibility to always comply with the terms of the H-2 visa during your permitted stay and to return to the Dominican Republic on time.  Failing to do so is a violation of U.S. immigration law, permanently affects your immigration record, and negatively impacts the success of the H-2 program in the Dominican Republic.  

If you are aware of immigration fraud in the H-2 program, or if you are an H-2 worker and are being forced to pay money for the application process, please report it to fraud@state.gov. Your report will be confidential. Thank you for collaborating with us in preserving the integrity of the immigration system.

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