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H-2 visas for temporary agricultural and non-agricultural workers
August 29, 2022


It is important to remember that an H-2 visa allows you to travel and work in the US exclusively with the company, position, and time established in your employment contract.  It is your responsibility to always comply with the terms of the H-2 visa throughout your permitted stay and return to the Dominican Republic on time.  Remember you should never pay to be on a petition and you should be aware of scams charging you fees.  Use caution if you use an advisor and make sure you understand and know the information on the job contract and the information on your visa application, as each person has a responsibility to provide truthful information and then comply with the terms of their visa class.  An H-2 worker visa is temporary, and it is not a visa for permanent immigration to the United States.  Report any fraud to fraude@state.gov

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