I have to go to the United States for medical treatment. What should I do?

June 6, 2016

Each year, thousands of Dominicans travel to the United States for medical treatment, usually with a visitor visa, a B2. Although a consular officer recognizes the humanitarian aspect of these cases, there are details that must be considered before issuing a visa for that purpose. For example, “What it is the medical situation of a person?” “What is the treatment for their condition, and can it be done in your own country?” The letters and medical records should answer these questions. In some cases, a physician, recognized by the Consular Section, will be asked to confirm the diagnosis.

“What is the specific treatment indicated?” “How much will it cost?” Details about doctors, hospitals, tests, procedures, medications, medical condition, and possible future treatment must be submitted with the average and actual costs. If you are consulting during your visit about possible surgery or any other treatment, you must present the procedure and consultation costs.

“Who will pay?” This is a difficult question for many applicants. Medical care in the United States can be expensive. By law, consular officers must ensure that US taxpayer money will not be spent to pay for the medical care of foreigners. Visitors should demonstrate if they have the necessary funds to pay for treatment, and you may be asked to pay in advance the full or partial amount of the anticipated costs, including doctor and hospital expenses. People who have received or will receive medical treatment in the United States must show evidence of the payment made, or evidence of who will pay.

In some cases, doctors may waive their fees for humanitarian reasons. Although a doctor may decide to waive this fee, you or a relative may still be liable for the costs associated with laboratory and hospital fees.

In cases of medical emergencies, applicants may seek an emergency appointment. First they must make a regular appointment, then apply for an emergency one, then wait for it to be confirmed. They must visit www.ustraveldocs.com/do to start the visa application process.