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False Documents and Consequences
July 24, 2023

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If you are dreaming of visiting the United States, seeing the Statue of Liberty, enjoying the parks in Orlando, visiting your cousin in the Bronx, or catching up with your aunt in Massachusetts, always “go legal!” Do not fall for any scams when applying for a visa. Always tell the truth on your visa application, and never submit false documents.

The U.S. Embassy works closely with Dominican authorities to combat immigration fraud. The consequences for presenting fake, forged, and altered documents are severe. Applicants who use false documents are arrested by Dominican authorities and face lifetime visa ineligibilities.

So, do not fall into that trap! It’s not worth it. Play it safe, and always go legal!

If you are aware of U.S. visa or immigration fraud, please report it to fraude@state.gov. Reporting is anonymous and confidential. Following the law will protect us all.

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