Adquisición de ciudadanía del adulto

This page is intended for adults (18 years and older) who wish to apply for United States citizenship. If the citizenship application is for a child under the age of 18 , the information below does not apply to you ; in the latter case, please follow the link referring to ” Consular Report of Birth Abroad “.

People born abroad (outside of US territory) to American parents may have acquired United States citizenship at birth. This determination is based on a number of factors: the law in effect at the time of birth, the amount of time that the American citizen father lived in the United States before birth, and, in some cases, the parents’ marital status. biological.

Fill out the required forms and obtain all the required documentation before making an appointment in our online appointment system , to appear at the American Citizen Services Unit (ACS) of the Consular Section in Santo Domingo any Tuesday or Thursday, and so on. be able to make a determination of your U.S. citizenship. Based on the documents submitted, if you can have a claim to United States citizenship, a case will be opened for you and an consular officer will conduct an interview.

NOTE: Multiple appointments will be canceled, those made for the same person but on different days. They will not be rescheduled. You will need to make a new appointment through the online appointment system. The embassy will not consider a request to expedite a new appointment if the original was canceled for this reason.

Applying for the Acquisition of Adult Citizenship requires ONLY ONE VISIT to the Consular Section, if you are properly prepared.