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Education & Exchanges


Learn, exchange, grow, and serve. The U.S. Department of State offers many programs for non-U.S. citizens wishing to come to the U.S. for cultural, educational, or professional exchange. These programs are augmented by local opportunities in countries around that world that allow non-U.S. citizens to explore U.S. culture and the English language. Learn more about the opportunities offered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

What we do:

  • We manage academic exchange programs from the Dominican Republic to the United States and vice versa, including the Fulbright scholarship program
  • We Support educational activities and projects
  • We serve as a link between academic institutions in both countries
  • We serve as counselors for the Embassy of the United States on academic issues
  • We serve as counselors for the United States Embassy on cultural affairs
  • We work with different programs to further American values and culture through music, art and dance
  • We manage the professional exchange programs IVLP, International Visitor Leadership Program

About the Alumni Community

The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo maintains an active community of alumni of U.S. government-funded and facilitated programs to build on their exchange experiences, network with fellow alumni, find grants and funding opportunities, and actively contribute to their communities in the Dominican Republic.

Our educational, cultural, and professional exchange programs promote U.S. higher education and understanding of U.S. policies and values. Every year 65,000 youth and other emerging leaders globally participate in exchange programs sponsored by the Department of State.

Over 2,500 Dominicans are alumni of our exchange programs and help us advance mutual understanding and democracy, and promote U.S. culture. Their exchange experience provides them with skills, tools, professional and personal networks to help them impact their communities in the Dominican Republic.

Exchange Program Alumni – Resources & Opportunities

Join the ExchangeAlumni community and open the door to a world of support, resources, and funding opportunities to help you build on the skills you gained during your exchange program:

  • Gain access to various grant opportunities through Foundation Directory Online (FDO) and Grants to Individuals (GTI).
  • Read journals, academic journals, and articles through Gale and EBSCO’s first academic database.
  • Find and connect with fellow ExchangeAlumni locally and globally.
  • Get up-to-date information on live events, such as #MentorTalks, and ExchangeAlumni news.

There are also resources you can access without logging in, such as the Resources for Entrepreneurs page, where you can find information and programs to help you build your business. In addition, you can connect with us online through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, sharing your successes by using #ExchangeAlumni when you post. Prefer to email? Reach us at exchangealumni@state.gov.