Resources for English learning and teaching

students sitting down and smiling along with a teacher

The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo, along with the Ministry of Education (MINERD) and our local partners the Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano, has developed these free resources for local English teachers:

American English Resources: These are free quality resources from the U.S. Department of State to support English teaching and learning. You can adapt these and include them in your lessons.

For  teachers interested in always learning more, improving their practice, and growing professionally. These free resources are helpful for learning about theories, methods, strategies, and even free online courses.

  • American English Webinars. Here’s a list of webinar recordings and their presentations on topics such as pronunciation teaching, the four skills, teaching methods, fun and games, etc.

  • Teacher’s Corner. This is a hub for practical resources on topics like assessment, teaching grammar, professional development, U.S. culture, STEM, different types of learning styles, etc.

  • English Teaching Forum is the premier publication (journal) for English teachers worldwide. It includes helpful and practical articles in different topics, and is open for submissions, and you can access it for free.

  • Online Professional English Network (OPEN). This webpage provides massive open online courses (MOOCs) on different topics such as ELT methodology, English for STEM, English for Journalism, and others. These courses are free, and anyone can enroll. You don’t need to contact us, just follow the process on the website! At the end of these courses you earn a verifiable online badge.

  • American English for Educators Facebook page is a community of English language professionals from around the world. Our daily content is intended to help educators develop professionally, find new classroom material, and share experiences.

  • English Teachers Professional Development – Visit this Youtube playlist to watch videos about interesting topics for teacher development.

  • Videos about learning theories and other topics. If you’re curious about learning theories and topics such as motivation, curriculum development, classroom management, feedback in the classroom, tech, grammar teaching, and others…this is your place to learn.