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Categories affected by presidential proclamation (P.P.) 10052, can schedule appointments for renewal
April 1, 2021

Presidential Proclamation (P.P.) 10052, which suspended the entry of certain nonimmigrants who were determined to present a risk to the U.S. labor market during the economic recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak, expired on March 31, 2021.  PP 10052 applied to applicants for H-1B, H-2B, and L-1 visas; J-1 visa applicants participating in the intern, trainee, teacher, camp counselor, au pair, or summer work travel programs; and any spouses or children of covered applicants applying for H-4, L-2, or J-2 visas.

Affected categories can now schedule Interview Waiver appointments. A limited number of interview appointments are now available for all work visa categories.  Because of limited capacity and safety precautions due to COVID-19, applicants should expect to experience delays in appointment availability. Eligibility requirements for the interview waiver visa renewal process can be found at: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/do/do-niv-visarenew.asp.

Routine tourist visa appointments remain suspended at this time, and only B1B2 that meet the requirements for emergency processing or are eligible for interview waiver are being scheduled.