Where I can get reliable information about the visa process?

January 25, 2016.-

Often times before people start the application process for a visa they have questions about costs, time frame, and what is required to obtain a visa. Information online can be useful but if you don’t know where to look you can be a victim of someone trying to scam you for money. There are many types of fraud, and it is important to remember that when looking for information online you should be especially cautious from whom or where you get the information.

When applying for a visa, your first step should be to visit the U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo website at  Embajadausa.gov.do. This website allows you to find accurate information on the process of applying for an Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas, scheduling an interview at the Visa Application Center (VAC), answers to frequently asked questions, and what documents are required to apply.

Our U.S. Embassy Facebook page at  EmbajadaUSASantoDomingo allows people to ask general questions and get answers in real time. Our Facebook page is a resource for people to use, and have their questions answered directly by an embassy official.  Keep in mind that people who do not work at the embassy can contact you privately, and try to help you in exchange for money. The U.S. embassy does not support these people. If someone has approached you, or if you suspect fraud of any kind, please report it to the U.S. Embassy at fraude@state.gov. With your help we can work together to stop scammers trying to take advantage of people.

Lastly, if you have a pending case that you would like to follow up with, you can email the embassy directly at support-dominicanrepublic@ustraveldocs.com to find out the status.

When trying to find out information on how to apply for a visa, be sure to use reputable websites and be cautious of websites asking you for money in exchange for help. The U.S. Embassy website or Facebook page is your best place for information in English and Spanish.