Getting Started in the U.S.

SelectUSA is a U.S. government-wide program housed in the International Trade Administration at the United States Department of Commerce. Since its inception, SelectUSA has facilitated more than US$ 23 billion in investment, creating and/or retaining tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.Our mission is to facilitate job-creating business investment into the United States and raise awareness of the critical role that foreign direct investment (FDI) plays in the U.S. economy.

As chair of the Federal Interagency Investment Working Group (IIWG), SelectUSA works with more than 20 federal agencies and bureaus to increase coordination and provide guidance and information to respond to specific and broad-reaching issues that affect business investment decisions. Through its ombudsman services, SelectUSA collaborates with IIWG agency partners to help address investor questions and concerns relating to a wide range of federal regulatory issues.

SelectUSA helps companies of all sizes find the information they need to make decisions; connect to the right people at the local level; and navigate the federal regulatory system. SelectUSA also assists U.S. economic development organizations to compete globally for investment by providing information, a platform for international marketing, and high-level advocacy.

SelectUSA works individually with companies to help them obtain information for decision-making, bring them in contact with local stakeholders, navigate the federal regulatory system, and find solutions to issues related to the federal government.

SelectUSA works with US economic development organizations to help them attract investment internationally by sharing relevant information, serving as an international advocacy platform and providing government support.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit brings together in one place key players such as governors, mayors, economic development officials from nearly every state and territory in the United States, as well as top executives from successful companies in the United States to help potential investors learn firsthand about the many different investment opportunities that exist.

Join the Dominican Official Delegation that will attend the 2017 SelectUSA Investment Summit on June 18-20 in Washington, DC.