Beware of Fraudulent Pages and/or Emails

February 29th, 2016.-

There are websites and Facebook pages that try to convince the public that they are official United States government sites. They look very similar to the design of the Embassy’s page and present images of the shield or banner of the United States, but they are in no way associated with the US government.

You can find many sites that are not affiliated with the Embassy, ​​that do have legitimate and updated information; however, it is advisable to directly consult our official pages that contain accurate and updated data.

Be particularly careful with pages that promise to assess you prior an interview, or ask for money or require payments for their services because most services, such as scheduling appointments, filling out forms, among others, are free.

On the other hand, if you provide your personal information to people with bad intentions, they may use it to defraud others or to steal your identity and sell it to third parties.

Our official website is Here; we also provide information such as the Visa Bulletin on .The page is the official Dominican Republic site for scheduling appointments for both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

If you wish to communicate directly with your questions, write to with concerns for U.S. citizen services; and or 829-956-5144, for issues related to visas.

Do not hesitate to report fraud that has affected you or someone you know, by writing to

Other forms of contact with the Embassy

In addition to the emails and links mentioned above, there are other means of contact depending on the type of service required.

If you are a resident who lost your residence card or “green card”, but maintain your status and need to return to the United States, you can request a Transportation Letter. Visit or write to to start the application process.

On the other hand, if you have questions about Social Security, contact  For petitions and/or “baby letters” you can write to USCIS,

These addresses contain information and guidance necessary to complete any process you need. Do not hesitate to consult us.