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B1/B2 schedule
January 23, 2022


On October 19, 2022, the Embassy began opening new interview appointments for tourist visas (B1/B2) every other Wednesday for two-week increments.  Please see the announcement for further details (New appointments for tourist visas – U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic (usembassy.gov)).

For our tourist visa applicants with existing appointments, you may wish to reschedule to an earlier day as the new appointments become available.  For information on how to reschedule your appointment please go to https://ustraveldocs.com/do/do-niv-appointmentschedule.asp#RestrictionstoChangingAppointments.

For information on how to apply for a visa, including how to apply via Interview Waiver, please visit the embassy website at https://do.usembassy.gov/visas/

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