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Avoid using advisors
July 25, 2022

Applying for a travel visa to the United States can seem complicated and difficult, and we understand that many people seek the services of immigration consultants; however, to avoid being victim to irregularities, always fill out your forms yourself. There is no private organization and/or individual that offers immigration advice that has a direct connection with the Consular Section of the Embassy. All consular information is public and transparent, and no advisor has inside knowledge. Be wary of advisors who make promises that are too good to be true or who claim to have a special connection with us. Possible consequences of using an immigration advisor:• Being a victim of fraud.• Misrepresentation or misleading description on your DS-160 form.• Exposure, misuse and/or exploitation of your personal data.• Pay excessive amounts of money.

Unfortunately, there are people who have lost their visas, and those of their relatives, due to a bad practice carried out by immigration advisors. Report any fraud to fraude@state.gov

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