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Ask the Consul – Passport Renewal by Mail
March 15, 2021


The American Citizen Services unit at Embassy Santo Domingo now accepts U.S. ten-year passport renewal applications for eligible adults.

You may renew your passport by mail if your ten-year passport is undamaged, issued when you were 16 years of age or older, issued within the last 15 years, and issued in your current name (or you have changed your name since your passport was issued and can submit legal documentation to prove this change). These all must be true in order for you to be eligible for the renewal by mail.

American citizens can renew their passport by first gathering all of the necessary documents. This includes your most recent U.S. passport, two (2) new 2×2 inches passport photographs, a completed and signed Form DS-82, a $110 non-refundable application fee in form of a cashier’s check, and if applicable evidence of change of name. Descriptions and specifics on each of these items can be found at https://do.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/.

Second, mail your application and all required documents using Domex to the following address:

U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo
Passport & Citizenship Unit
Av. Republica de Colombia #57
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Last, allow 4 weeks for your application to be processed and receive your new passport at the address you requested via Domex.

Please note that during the processing period, a Consular Officer may also request additional documents in support of your application.  Applications with incomplete or incorrect information (most importantly a missing or incorrect social security number) or applications received without all required documents will face delays.

Visit our website, https://do.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/ for any questions on your passport renewal, replacing a lost or stolen passport, or need to make an emergency passport appointment.