Ask the Consul – What to expect the day of the immigrant visa consular interview

An image of a visa.

On the day of the interview, applicants should arrive fifteen minutes before their scheduled time to avoid any unnecessary waiting. Our embassy works to process cases as quickly as possible but due to the number of applicants interviewed daily, some families may have to wait for longer periods of time. There are snacks and beverages available for purchase on site. We also recommend that applicants bring reading material. Other items, such as coloring books for children or small toys, are provided at the embassy.

Please be careful with individuals that provide fraudulent documents. Their only intention is to turn a profit, and they do not help anyone obtain a valid visa. Presenting fraudulent documents may lead to far more serious consequences than just a denial. Applicants who are caught obtaining false documents via these vendors or other sources may face permanent bars of travel to the United States. In some cases, the applicants may be in violation of Dominican criminal law and may be arrested after their interview.

When the applicant is first called to the window, they will speak with a consular employee that will review both biographical and case specific information. At this time, an applicant may provide any additional documents they would like to present to the officer. We recommend that the applicant arrive at the interview with the petitioner. Although it is not required, it helps the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. The applicant may also ask any pertinent questions regarding issues they would like to resolve. Following these instructions allows the consular employee to address any concerns in a timely and efficient fashion.

After this process, the applicant will be asked to take a seat and an assigned number to their case. A consular officer will then review the case, call the applicant’s number, and begin the interview. The officer will conclude the interview by notifying the applicant if the visa has been approved, refused, or placed into administrative processing. If an administrative process is required, the officer will provide appropriate follow up information.