“Arts in Embassies” Santo Domingo

The Embassy of the United States held a gala event in celebration of the “Art in Embassies” program at the residence of Ambassador James W. Brewster and his husband Mr. Bob Satawake, which included important personalities from the art, media, business and government sectors.

The exhibition “Art in Embassies” has a total of twenty pieces of art which includes selected works of American artists and Dominicans of Art in Embassies Program, Department of State, works from the personal collection of Ambassador Brewster and Mr. Satawake to Like pieces on loan from the School of Design at Altos de Chavon. The pieces include sculptures, paintings, photographs and mixed media with a wide range of materials and techniques.

Among American artists represented in this program are: Jules Arthur, Joseph K. Dixon, Bill Schmidt and Jim Rabby. Among the local artists are: Amaya Salazar, Yuly Monción, Mark Lineweaver, Tete Marella, Alexander Matos and Mildor Chevalier.

During the opening ceremony, Ambassador Brewster quoted United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, who said: “For 50 years, the Art in Embassies Program has played a significant asset to promote cultural exchanges through diplomatic role visual arts. Expanding our reach, amplify our voice and show our inclusion are strategic guidelines of the United States. The Art in Embassies program cultivates relationships that transcend borders, strengthen trust, mutual respect and understanding among peoples. It is the focus of global leadership of the United States while continuing to work for freedom, human rights and peace around the world. ”

The Arts program at the embassies had two aspects: First, an educational component, which was aimed at students and the second, a gala reception where all the works of American artists and Dominicans were exhibited and put highlight the strong cultural links between the two countries.

The educational part was held in the afternoon, where students from art schools of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, the National School of Visual Arts and Design School Altos de Chavon, were able to tour the exhibition; as well as participate in discussions with two recognized visual artists: Amaya Salazar and Yuly Monción, who spoke about the creative process and artistic work students. Also, the historian and art critic of the Museum of Modern Art, Dr. Laura Gil held a speech where he talked about the role of the arts as an element of cultural interconnection between nations.

Ambassador Brewster and his husband, Mr. Bob Satawake expressed to the audience that “Through these programs, and our personal exposure, we hope to offer an opportunity to experience an element of culture that unites our two great countries. Art is much more than photographs, paintings and sculptures: it is a sign of communication that flows through all cultures. Art needs no interpretation because it is the original form of exchange of ideas”.

About the Art in Embassies Program (AIE)

The office of “Art in Embassies” State Department was established in 1963 and has since played an important role in American public diplomacy through an expansive cultural mission, creating permanent and temporary exhibitions; programming and art publications.

The “Art in Embassies” program of the Department of State is responsible for the selection of contemporary art works of American artists and the host country. These exhibitions will offer the public a glimpse of the quality and diversity of art and culture of both countries. The collection of works of Art in Embassies Program internationally size exceeds that of any other art foundation or organization throughout the United States.

All exhibitions IEA (for its acronym in English) allows foreign nationals, many of whom do not have the opportunity to travel to the United States directly experience the depth and dimension of cultural heritage and artistic values, leaving behind what has been called “a trail for those who do not have the opportunity to see American art in any of its representations”.